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Does floor price part by what is the element decided?

<p>three-layer solid wood joins a floor board, three-layer freely stagger is distinctive structure, three-layer is mutual and diversionary facilitate again release stress, not changeful form and craze,Cheapest Acoustical Flooring Options stability is tall. As a result of the characteristic of ground heating, very strict to the requirement of the floor. Accordingly, Floor of the heat of the earth's interior Besides satisfying groovy quality index while, satisfy a few special requirement even.installing rails on precast steps So, how should choose to apply to ground heating as average consumer Three-layer solid wood joins a floor board. </p>
<p>Lumber stability is close friends</p>
<p>The use environment of floor of the heat of the earth's interior is complex, especially northern region is drier, temperature of the ground when heating of the heat of the earth's interior wants to lift abruptly again, the floor bears necessarily the double test of  temperature ,  humidity , so floor of the heat of the earth's interior must want capable person of choose and buy qualitative stability is good. </p>
<p>Machine experience according to lumber, recommend use Bai Li (white oak) , Gong Li (red oak) , the three-layer solid wood that the material such as teak plants joins a floor board, Wpc Outdoor Decking Joist Calculation Manufacturerthey are able to bear or endure strength of dry heat energy is relative stronger, be out of shape not easily. </p>
<p>Fugleman of too large picture heats up the floor</p>
<p>Ground heating is ground quantity of heat delivers the surface through the floor, can have hot loss necessarily so, ideal floor should can reduce these losses. Normally the circumstance issues  ,free standing balcony benches plans it is better that consumer thinks the floor is thicker, but if be floor of the heat of the earth's interior,should choose thin do not choose thick. expert tells a reporter,  lumber itself belongs to the undesirable conductor of lukewarm sex, in conducting process of quantity of heat, regular meeting has loss. </p>
<p>Proposal consumer preference is relatively a few slighter, the three-layer solid wood in 12-15mm adds up to ply the floor will be better. Such ply both neither can affect heat conduction function, and can make sure good base feels comfortable quality. </p>
<p>Installation wants very moistureproof close</p>
<p>Floor of the heat of the earth's interior Making moistureproof processing must be done when installing, floor expert tells a reporter, normal floor manufacturer can be in the ground laid prevents wet film below mat, with adhesive plaster place of juncture of will moistureproof film is stuck receive tight, and rely on the place of the wall want will filmy up outspread, stick the height of centimeter of the 5-6 on the wall, this film basically has the moistureproof effect of integral ground, isolation ground humidity is right the dip corrode of the floor, next again laid floor. </p>
<p>Expert proposal</p>
<p>Meet considering any floors wet go up the character of drying shrinkage, consumer should notice to control indoor humidity and temperature when floor of use terrestrial heat. When the first time after the floor is installed uses ground heating system, appropriate is slow warm up, room temperature is optimal when be controlled 20 degrees. Notice indoor humidity should not is less than at the same time 40% , we won't feel the skin is dry before this, and the floor also is met  feeling is very comfortable. </p>

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