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solid wood furniture

The main reasons for indoor environmental pollution in children's room are mostly for the decoration too cumbersome.The color of paint is too bright, the decoration material too much, the furniture selection problems.Zhang Zhang si jia, secretary general of the Bei zhuang environmental protection committee, reminded the parents that the decoration of children's rooms should be particularly respected.
Minimize the amount of decoration materials and the construction amount;The children room should avoid the use of marble and granite, they are the main cause of indoor radon pollution;The paint and paint in the room of the room is best choose water-based, can avoid benzene and volatile organic compound pollution;
The color of paint is not too bright, the brighter the color of paint and paint, the higher the heavy metal elements in it are.These heavy metals are prone to lead and mercury poisoning when they are exposed to children.Children room furniture best choice of pure solid wood furniture, furniture paint best is water-based, when buying to see whether there is environmental protection test report.
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