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greatly improving the bamboo flooring products

<p>on the basis of the successful development of the United States, Canada and other markets, 1 to 5 Month the company's exports amounted to 28.32 million US dollars, total sales revenue of 175 million yuan, respectively,<a href="">hardwood floor threshold installation</a> year on year growth of 2.8 times, 2.7 times. Jiangxi Province, bamboo flooring production and sales of leading enterprises, Jiangxi Kangtong Long Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. actively practicing internal strength,decking boards australia successively with the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Forestry, Nanjing Forestry University and other joint scientific and technological research, invested more than 800 million research funding, Successfully </p>
<p>developed a high-grade bamboo flooring, heavy bamboo flooring, outdoor anti-corrosion materials and a number of new products,<a href=''>Plans of how to Build Seats on a Wooden Deck Oregon</a> and has passed the international forest certification and the US environmental quality standards certification, greatly improving the bamboo flooring products in the international market competitiveness. It is reported that Jiangxi Kangtong Long Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd.outdoor wood plastic composite pergola seychelles and the United States Debao building materials supermarket signed a five-year sales of bamboo flooring, this year there are 80 million US dollars of orders. It is expected that this year the company's exports will reach 100 million US dollars. Recently, </p>
<p>the Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision on the market sales of laminate flooring to check the results show that more than four percent of the product quality is not qualified,<a href=''>decking Outdoor Living Montana</a> the main problem of substandard products is the product of the surface wear resistance is poor. Jiangxi Quality Supervision Bureau of the total inspection of 41 enterprises to produce 41 batches of products, qualified 24 batches, sampling pass rate of only architectural fence design The spot checks of the 17 batches of substandard products, 15 batches of products on the surface wear resistance of less than the required requirements. Recently, located in Linchuan District Fu North </p>

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