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bamboo flooring industry development work

<p>the "Laiya" laminate flooring, known as the Shanghai Wanhe Construction Materials Co., Ltd. <a href=''>composite pergolas for sale</a>produced the trademark "cloning" of the laminate flooring. Quality supervision departments informed that the main problem of nonconforming products is formaldehyde content exceeded, the surface wear resistance and low bending strength. March 6, the province held a bamboo flooring industry development work, the province's 32 bamboo flooring production enterprises attended the meeting. Provincial Forest Industry Bureau of the leadership, build deck and patio privacy panels with latticethe Asia-Pacific media reporter was invited to attend the meeting. How to further improve the quality of bamboo </p>
<p>flooring products, strengthen the bamboo flooring publicity,<a href="">Choose Your Wood Plastic Garage Flooring</a> improve the bamboo flooring (bamboo flooring quotes, bamboo flooring manufacturers directory) consumer awareness, etc., to enhance the quality of bamboo flooring products, have a discussion. We agreed that product quality is the life of enterprises, integrity is the responsibility of entrepreneurs. In the face of the difficulties encountered by the industry, we must strengthen our confidence, meet the challenges, make difficulties for the opportunity, unity and cooperation,recycled plastic composite materials flammable  strengthen product quality management, strengthen the bamboo culture, bamboo environmental protection and other ideas to </p>
<p>further enhance the market share of bamboo flooring The June 7 morning,<a href=''>concrete fence post extension sleeves</a> the reporter in Jiangxi Kangtong Long Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. finished warehouses to see the workers are packing a good bamboo flooring loaded large trucks, 3 hours later, the batch of 12,000 square meters of bamboo flooring Will be shipped to the Shanghai port exports, about 15 days after the United States in the home treasure building materials supermarket sales. This year, sweden exterior wooden wall panelsJiangxi Kangtong Long Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. in the EU economic downturn, through the "practice internal strength, seeking a breakthrough" approach, in the original European market </p>

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