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Watching Children TO madden mobile

Watching Children of Men alone in a post-Katrina New Orleans in a sketchy hotel with wire-meshed glass in the windows is a harrowing experience. Then again, so is eating 10 hot dogs in 10 minutes after eating a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with avocado prior to the competition, something I did because "you don't wanna have too much room down there."10K DISASTER vs. COLLEGE APPLICATION. This memory may not be accurate, but I don't think I applied for college until a month before deadlines, and thus turned in

SAT scores and a fistful of McDonald's Monopoly pieces as my resume. I asked my dad for my taxes and he panicked. "WHY? WHY? ARE YOU WITH THE FEDS?" I also once ran a 10K in Target shoes I bought the night before without doing any sort of training, and finished behind a fat shirtless man sweating pure butter.STAIRWELL FALL vs. WRESTLING A TURTLE. Went to work with the flu; passed out at the top of a concrete stairwell. Woke up at the bottom to the sound of ambulances. The turtle wrestling didn't start as wrestling, but when you try to ride a sea turtle you're going to end up slapfighting a turtle.

Tried to carbonate an already carbonated beverage because "it wasn't bubbly enough." Ruined a ceiling in the process. Dogfight was partially from necessity, but even if it's your dog in trouble, the idea of jumping into a dogfight and punching a half-German Shepherd, half-Boxer is a very stupid one and a very good way to get free holes in your hand.ROCK CLIMBING vs. SUNBURNS. I was really bad at it and almost got killed by a piece of falling rock on Whitesides in madden mobile coins

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