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Jameer Nelson goes NBA Live Coins

Jameer Nelson goes at Dwight Howard after Laker comments on NBA Live Coins former Magic team  Dwight Howard talks Kobe Bryant, free agency, Lakers teammates View all 20 stories  Bracketology: A 64-factor carnival of stupidity - Bracketology is an overused tool, but there may be a bold new frontier to explore using America's favorite structure for NBA Live Coins competition: valuable journeys into self-discovery. To test this I volunteered myself and attempted to remember the stupidest things

I had ever done. The results were terrifying and painful, but science does not care about your feelings. It only wants answersclick for full-size image]A few notes before we start. This is an incomplete summary of the stupid things I have done in life by necessity. Once I got started, the list grew to an unmanageable size, and what you see here is merely a sample. I have excluded things that happened naked involving other people to protect their identities, because no one needs that association spoiling their image.

There are several illegal acts here because if you're not cheating you're not trying in life.There is no numerical seeding because once I started I realized that all of these are fairly stupid to some degree, and well past the border of total objective evaluation. Seeding is random, with acts being loosely grouped into four categories: Misadventure, Consumption, Judgment, and Taste. These, too, are fairly arbitrary, and have been used mostly as a convenience.The first-round matchups are described below:Misadventure

This is a floated element, so place before the paragraph you'd like it to float beside A large-headed, clumsy child eating dirt in slow-motion is a dangerous underdog.FENCES vs. BATTERY FIASCO. Childhood stupidity of trying to jump every fence I saw, often resulting in grievous injury. Opponent: the time I confused the colors red and black while jumping a battery. Expensive electrical error is a powerful favorite here, but a large-headed, clumsy child eating dirt in slow-motion is a dangerous underdog.

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