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domestic flooring enterprises

<p>According to Yuan Yide said, a brand of flooring in Chongqing, not only the CEOs signed into battle,<a href=''>does composite decking need a bbq mat</a> but also moved to a blonde "German" director to help out for their own activities to win a group of foreign brands like consumers. However, according to the reporter to understand that the brand for the domestic registered enterprises, rather than foreign-funded enterprises,outdoor wood storage box low cost while its public information on the company's senior staff also did not call the "German" director. "In the country to find a foreign friend of the company's top executives can be effortlessly, nothing more than to attract the eye, for its brand blindfolded some of the more inclined to choose </p>
<p>foreign brands of consumers is easy to hook." Yuan Yide said,<a href="">clearance composite decking cincinnati oh</a> These temporary hired "fake foreign directors" often only need to sit on the scene without a word can be, to give consumers some psychological hints - the brand is "foreign relatives" or "foreign blood". Yuan Yide that consumers need to rational treatment, only need more effort,building a fence using deck boards the Internet access to the relevant information of the enterprise, its know the root, will be able to prevent the "foreign directors" when. Strange four: small companies posing as a large group "is clearly a general size of the company, to the second and third city signings are known as 'group', is nothing more than pull the </p>
<p>flag tiger skin bluff." Yuan Yide sharply pointed out that a Some enterprises in the promotion around the promotional strategy to take, to create interference information to consumers. <a href=''>wood panel flooring for outdoor patio</a>It is understood that can be called the company, the parent company registered capital of the general requirements of more than 50 million yuan, at least five of its holding subsidiaries,composite decking any good due to the parent company between the "blood" relationship, the group subordinate Companies are sometimes referred to as "group companies". In the domestic flooring enterprises, some companies are some of the subsidiaries of the company, because the parent company has a holding </p>

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