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wood flooring brand consumer market sales among

<p>rose year after year,<a href="">composite boards for benches</a> coupled with transportation costs, staff costs and other costs, so the floor furniture prices have become a trend. Del home: the main products include reinforced composite wood flooring and solid wood composite wood flooring. The company not only in the Chinese wood flooring brand consumer market sales among the best, but also the drafting of national standards. Coronal wood industry:composite decking at in Spain the main high-grade solid wood composite wood flooring research and development, design, production and sales, including three-tier parquet and multi-layer solid wood flooring two categories. Among them, multi-storey parquet accounted </p>
<p>for the proportion of operating income has been maintained at about 70%, is the main source of revenue. Yichang Wood: the company's long-term development direction:<a href=''>how to secure pallet to deck</a> for the next five years to develop into a world-renowned wood furniture and wood flooring manufacturers; build a coordinated development of domestic and international marketing network, to achieve global marketing; integration of wood chain, The formation of artificial afforestation on the chain, forest harvesting (planting) - wood processing - product development - a complete network of sales network.wall panel supplier latvia In 2011, the total amount of furniture produced by the company was </p>
<p>57,486 sets, which was 29.83% higher than that of the previous period. The total sales volume of furniture was 500,347 sets, which was 23.45% higher than that of the previous period.<a href="">imitation teak flooring ships</a> The total floor area of ??the company was 16418.5242 cubic meters, down 5.02% The total floor area of ??13385.487 cubic meters, down 18.14% over the previous period; the company has established 10 million mu of fast-growing and high-yielding forest production base in Tai Po County, and will purchase 20 million mu of commercial forest in Suichuan County,ecological composite floor in italy Jiangxi Province, and has stable raw materials overseas Supply channel. Shengda forestry: the company is </p>

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