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New labor conflicts

With the "machine substitutions" plan to promote the manufacturing enterprises to reduce the amount of ordinary workers significantly, while the demand for skilled personnel is significantly increased, the labor market there have been new contradictions. The end of 2014, Dongguan start the "machine substitutions" three-year action plan, the annual arrangement of not less than 200 million yuan of special funds to support enterprises to use advanced automated equipment for a new round of technological transformation to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing.

As of September 2016, Dongguan has 1485 projects to declare "Ore Milling Equipment substitutions" special action. It should be noted that, after the completion of these projects, labor productivity will increase by an average of 1.7 times the product qualification rate from 92% to 97.2%. More importantly, it will reduce the use of 80,000 people.

New Oriental Optoelectronics is Dongguan "machine substitutions" positive responders. After the first round of automation upgrades, New Oriental Optoelectronics has replaced one-third of the workers. But at the same time, the new labor pressure also followed The following are the same as the "

Just the beginning of the year, in order to deliver customers continue to urge the order, the new Oriental photoelectric enough horsepower. Recruitment problems make Wu things bruised. "There are now more than 100 people gap." Wu things side of the finishing plan at hand, while told reporters.

If only the lack of workers, Wu things is not particularly troubled. New Oriental Optoelectronics and some labor dispatch companies to maintain a long-term relations of cooperation, through the recruitment of temporary workers, can transition for some time. This year, so that Wu is the pressure of the mechanic gap is increased.

"Machine substitutions", the new Oriental photoelectric production workshop greatly enhance the level of automation, and the new work also came into being, the requirements of workers also increased. "Machine operation, inspection and debugging, front and rear control of the production line, which require high-level mechanic to complete the general workers can not cope with." Wu said.

Now, the first round of automation upgrades have been completed, and the corresponding technical work has been scarce, which led to some machines in a state of shut down, which makes Wu things feel impatient. He needs to seize the time to recruit enough troops, in order to make all the production capacity of the workshop to deal with now enough orders.

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