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construction waste crusher promote the construction of rural highway

Increased the upgrade project of fiscal fund for rural road of archives investment in recent years, to vigorously promote the implementation of the upgrading project has important implications for protection of the masses of travel safety, the promotion of rural development. This year, upgrade Township Bus Route Road, rural road plan was opened to traffic 410 kilometers, transforming bridge 120, ensure that the Twelfth Five Year Plan at the end of town and village bus full coverage. In the process of rural highway construction in hot, construction waste crusher is also quietly 10493.

We know that the highway construction needs a large number of aggregates, while in the present shortage of natural waste, waste mechanism for has the resources widely distributed, low manufacturing cost, rational particle grade and other advantages, and become the best substitute.Demand for waste to rural highway construction in large numbers, brought new development opportunity to many waste making equipment manufacturers. We construction waste crusher is also widely used in the production of a variety of construction waste crusher line, by the local customers the consistent high praise, especially our VSI5X series construction waste crusher, has become the core equipment of waste industry in.

It is in the VSI series construction waste crusher basis, combined with the advanced German technology, by our experienced engineers carefully design and development of a new generation of products. With the traditional shock play waste machine compared, it has excellent performance, set three broken mode in one. It uses a new design, important components are made of abrasion resistant material manufacturing quality and become, effectively extending the service life, reduce the loss. Has the characteristics of stable operation, high yield, low production cost and simple operation.

Is widely used in waste quarry, mixing station, dry powder mortar, quartz waste, construction waste crushing industries, can stand to provide quality waste aggregate for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, construction of the dam, hydropower concrete mixing. Even if our products in the same industry has been in a leading position, but with the development of construction waste crusher we constantly into high-tech, new technology, so that it has more extensive applicability, processing the finished product with higher quality, and gradually reduce the production cost, provides a highly efficient system waste equipment for customers, low consumption.

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