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Zidane has four sons

Zidane has four sons, and all inherited his father. The son of Enzo (22 years old) in the field on the frontier, two son Luka (19 years old) kick the goalkeeper, three sons Taiao (14 years old) and the youngest son El Yaz (12 years old) are known for the attack. Because the team level is low Kevin Klein Jersey, El Yaz exposure rate is not high, he played the screen is also very little spread in the network. This time the "Mediterranean Cup", be regarded as a late Yier Yali report performance.

The first 16 minutes, Franco-Basque front steals after the straight plug, Inter old will be about Wei Tiqi restricted area right ribs shot in the far column. The first 73 minutes, the home team center Zha Zhai in front of melee broke the fire, but was sentenced to foul in the first ball is invalid. Bat Legion ended three straight victories, Sevilla nearly 7 draws 4 games Emerson Etem Jersey.

In the Champions League last week 0-3 lost to Juventus, the Spanish media broke the news that the coach Enrique is very angry, the character coach rage the lack of fighting spirit in the game did not win the desire Brian Leetch Jersey, Nei Maer, Pique and Mascherano were also criticized by Enshu. Nemal said in an interview: "The lack of fighting spirit in the game is not a player or a few players, we are a team, we all played a bad game, not just A player's question Dan Boyle Jersey.

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