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been dedicated to do solid wood flooring

<p> enhance the brand influence. China timber and wood products circulation association president Zhu Guangqian said: long Sheng floor courage to play "China solid wood flooring ace," this reputation, <a href="">Creating Safe PVC Railing</a>to create a good precedent, but also a solid wood flooring business incentives. Chairman of the long floor floor Zhang Enjiu said: a few years ago, long Sheng floor put forward "to do the most professional large-scale solid wood flooring manufacturers in China," we have been dedicated to do solid wood flooring. Nanxun is China's solid wood flooring, the development and expansion of the flooring industry is our dream has always been the ideal, as the industry's leading enterprises,[url= ]Select Outdoor Pergola Material[/url]  we have the courage to stand up, it is also responsible for the development of the industry to set an example. </p>
<p>We will live up to the expectations of leading experts, to promote the development of the industry to make greater contributions. The first "DACF" China Wood Flooring Patch Competition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center during the "China International Ground Material and Pavement Technology Exhibition".<a href="">How To Get Cheap Wood Plastic Floor</a> This competition gathered at home and abroad a large number of professional flooring brand, long Sheng floor with absolute lead, won the gold medal in the local competition. National Mianjian,[url= ]Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats[/url]  China's solid wood flooring top ten brands of long Sheng floor, not only committed to creating high-quality solid wood flooring popular style, more vigorously cultivate professional floor installation team. In the contest pavement site, </p>
<p>Kusheng installation personnel skilled professional skills, not only according to each piece of "original ecological" floor in the tone and texture of the unique, perfect combination and match,[url= ]Wood Plastic Flooring Used in Indoor[/url]  but also in the overall visual effects, fully demonstrated The long tradition of "original ecology" of the natural charm of the floor. After the completion of the pavement, the long-sheng team speed, <a href="">Porch Composite Railing Ideas</a>installation and site management of professional competence, has been highly appraised by all expert judges, won the Gold Award. Solid wood flooring quality consists of two parts: First, the quality of the floor itself, the second is the laying of quality, pavement directly affect the use of solid wood flooring effect. At present, </p>

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