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solid wood flooring industry

<p>Jusheng floor has been committed to the development of China's flooring business, and make unremitting efforts. In 2001, the company entered the flooring industry with the attitude of "high starting point,[url= ]Rich Quality Wood Plastic Flooring[/url]  high input, high standard and high development", forming the production capacity of (300) million square meters, becoming one of the leaders in China's solid wood flooring industry. After ten years of hard work, long Sheng brand has been resounded across the river north and south. China's most competitive brand of 100 private enterprises, for 8 consecutive years won the national floor "double commitment to 30" units, Zhejiang Province brand, China's high-tech enterprises, China's outstanding integrity of enterprises, China's top ten brands of solid wood flooring, Zhejiang Province Award, the outstanding performance of outstanding enterprises,<a href="">Outdoor Wood Plastic Flower Planter Box</a> continuous access to China's wood flooring industry science and technology innovation first prize ... ... </p>
<p>a series of honor witnessed the long boom vigorous development of the road. Jusheng floor as a member of the Appalachian Hardwood Association,<a href="">Comparison of Natural Teak and Synthetic Teak</a> with the North American suppliers of major suppliers to establish a long-term strategic partnership, and set the most of China's procurement, so that all the people inside and outside the admiration of generous. China's only one Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Qisheng is pleased to be employed as a long-sheng floor academician expert workstation chief expert, to help Jiu Sheng in science and technology innovation on the road ahead one step. The company has declared 62 national patents, has been patented 28, of which six patents for invention patents; [url= ]Comparison of vinyl fence and wooden fence[/url] commitment to production and research cooperation research projects 13,</p>
<p> including the national "863" project, the national "Eleventh Five - Year" science and technology support projects; With the provincial new product projects 4; 31 independent innovation projects, participation in the drafting of national standards 3, "the People's Republic of China national standard - solid wood flooring,"<a href="">Green Composite Flooring Materials</a> the first drafting unit. During the second five, the company is the first in the industry to undertake the 863 project professional wood flooring manufacturing enterprises, leading the industry innovation. In the brand building, Jusheng floor in 2010 is to take the industry colleagues attention step, and the Chinese baseball association formed a strategic alliance, the industry's only one cross-border alliance of enterprises. Promote the US original flavor products,[url= ]Comparison of vinyl fence and wooden fence[/url]  the prosperity of the floor culture,</p>

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