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terminal team building by leaps

<p>with the increasingly fierce market competition, the flooring industry is accelerating the formation of the pattern, the big brand is still attacking the city,<a href="">pvc foam sheet manufacturers</a> the second and third line brand has been shrinking across the board, make ends meet, collapse. How in a new round of competition has always been invincible, the terminal team has become one of the most important strategic layout.[url= ]Wood Plastic Composite Decking Around the Pool[/url] Through the efforts of the past few years to build, long Sheng floor terminal image and terminal team building by leaps and bounds, standardization, planning and rationalization has been deeply rooted, the vast majority of cities already have their own professional managers team.</p>
<p> has been walking in the flooring industry Forefront The establishment of the ;Ace Elite Foundation;, from the perspective of long-sheng headquarters directly stimulate the terminal team,<a href="">species of tongue and groove exterior wood porch flooring</a> both conducive to the terminal city team competition between each other, but also to further stimulate the terminal dealers, manager, shopping guide market morale, Terminal confidence is of great significance to the future development of Jusheng floor.tion project construction, improve the national marketing elite sales enthusiasm, the formation of fair, just and open incentive mechanism to promote the marketing team sustained and healthy development, build ace marketing team,plantation shutters images the company decided to study in the country Within the establishment of ;Ace Elite Foundation;.</p>
<p> Notice also requires the application of ;Ace Elite Foundation;, should take full account of the individual or team of advanced demonstration role, especially the terminal manager,how to install pvc tongue and groove deck shopping guide team awareness, collective sense of honor and so on. Hope that the various departments, provinces, the dealers with each other to do a good job of the Foundation's use and management. July 30, at the foundation of the establishment ceremony, Jiuxuan floor general manager Qian Xinmin,<a href="">gazebo deck floor</a> executive vice president Zhao Xingcai, assistant chairman Zhang Huan, brand center director Feng Guishun, deputy director Li Pengtao unveiled the foundation, and announced the company first Start-up capital. Nearly a thousand dealers.</p>

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