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What does home decoration need?

<p>3. Waterproof, said here waterproof, refers to the kitchen and toilet waterproof. Of course, the current delivery of the house,<a href="">Cheap WPC Floor Material Manufacturer&Supplier</a> there are some prior to the statement did not do waterproof treatment, which requires decoration to do. If you have already done a waterproof treatment at the time of delivery, then you will need to verify the quality of the waterproof. If you do not try before the decoration, after you renovated and then found the leak, then the maintenance project is big.[url= ]Cheap Price Outdoor Garden Flooring[/url] You have to remove the already renovated ground to make a new layer of waterproofing.</p>
<p>Accept the waterproof approach is: with a cement mortar to do a siege of the kitchen,<a href="">Anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola</a> the bathroom door, take a plastic bag covered with sewage or drain and tied together, and then in the kitchen, toilet ground water, shallow on the line (water High about 2cm). About the owners downstairs,raw material for composite boards after 24 hours to see their home kitchen, bathroom ceiling whether there is water seepage.</p>
<p>4. Pipeline, which refers to the pipeline, drainage or sewage pipes, especially the balcony, etc. at the sewage outfall. Acceptance, [url= ]Cheap durable WPC pergola material[/url]take a water filled with equipment, pour into the drain, see if the water is not smooth flow away. Why should we accept this? Because in the construction, some workers in the cleaning often put some cement residue into the drain, if the cement is sticky,<a href="">plastic wood for sale in germany</a> then the claws will be blocked, resulting in drainage difficulties.</p>

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