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The daily cleanness of aggrandizement floor maintains

<p>Above all: When floor of bamboo of choose and buy, consumer should read concerned material whether all ready, include manufacturer home, registered trade mark, item category, examine report,Replacement Plastic Wood Picnic Table Slats  service instruction and after service, data all ready explains manufacturer home is the normal company that has certain dimensions. </p>

<p>Next: Want to see a structure, because technology is different, floor structure basically divides bamboo to go all out to make the same score, vertical stroke goes all out and freely goes all out add up to 3 kinds,Plastic Timber Furniture In Indonesia smooth going all out is three-layer structure, vertical stroke goes all out is monolayer structure, it is fore-and-aft that freely spells the face plate that close and motherboard and middle-level is transverse. </p>

<p>Moreover: Want to see material pledge, consumer can use hand weigh in hand, if take lighter in the hand, if decorative pattern is punch-drunk,showing this is the; that uses tender bamboo treatment not bright-coloured, explain this uses treatment of not fresh bamboo, these bamboo pile up time is too long, without seasonable treatment. See integral quality then, through whether even, smooth,1x3 Composite Boards In Athens level off, have without bleb and simple sense downy, the random of actor bad; that will judge exterior coating is draw-out 4&mdash;5 piece bamboo floor, place chamfer of the joining together on level off face to whether close seam, touching the face with the hand whether level off; still has agglutination strength, because bamboo floor is by a certain number of bamboo piece adhesion and become, whether can be agglutination broken with the hand cheek by jowl,Wpc Termite Resistant Board Prices look whether to have between layer and layer statified, the evaporate in still can putting floor of a bamboo in boiled water boils 10 minutes, if did not appear,open glue phenomenon, explain agglutination intensity is higher. </p>

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