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wood floor board

According to relevant statistics show that, the real wood floor board that at present, the annual sales of about 70 million cubic meters, about 20 million cubic meters, compound floor and aggrandizement floor with 100 million cubic meters of total sales in wooden floor market consumption,
but also a trend of continue to grow. Consumers growing demand has created vast market space, aggrandizement wood floor at that time the domestic various types of aggrandizement wood floor production line up. In order to get the largest market share, the merchants work hard, from the brand, quality, specification and price to the service,
round after round of promotion war. Finally, the innovation of novelty and become the selling point of each manufacturer are rushed out, your "odd lock" I will "double lock", "double lock" you I have "three lock"; You I "green core", "green" you push small size I have to "wide" winner, "smooth" I will push you around "carve patterns or designs on woodwork.
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