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ceramic product prices and hardware materials

And wood flooring and other price factors relative to the ceramic product prices and hardware materials have a direct relationship between the soaring. Since last year, international copper prices rose 66%; London Futures Exchange copper starting price from the current round of the initial 1800 US dollars / ton up to 7300 US dollars / ton,
the cumulative rise of more than 300%. The price of nickel and other metal materials are needed for production of stainless steel rose sharply. And cobalt oxide, zirconium and ceramic color glaze and other materials are also added in just two years almost twice the original price. In addition, the main materials in the home improvement,
due to the impact of international crude oil prices, there is the possibility of price increases. The main raw materials of the coating include both emulsion and white powder. The emulsion rose about 15%, while the white powder also rose about 10%. Forecast is facing full price increase after the Spring Festival is currently in the decoration off-season,
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