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identified as the leading domestic level

<p> one of the two major national standards of the revised units, and the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry and other units co-hosted the meeting.<a href=''>maintenance free anti aging decking manufacturing</a>  Dr. Sun Weisheng participated in this standard review meeting. I am involved in the revision of the two standards passed the expert review, and was identified as the leading domestic level. Jusheng floor as one of the leading enterprises in the industry, has been to improve the life of home for the mission to lead the development of the industry as its mission, relying on scientific and technological innovation, how to stain composite door  is committed to creating a perfect home life. Company executives attach great importance to indoor safety, R D personnel pay close attention to the development trend of indoor fire-retardant materials, and the development of fire-retardant flooring as an important task. Through cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Shanghai University and other research institutions,</p>
<p> jointly developed fire-retardant wood composite flooring and fire-retardant laminate flooring has been completed pilot, and access to fire-retardant logo permits;<a href="">Anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola</a>  fire-resistant solid wood flooring has also entered the pilot stage. Participate in the revision of "flame retardant gluing" and "flame retardant medium density fiberboard" two national standards is my company into the indoor fire-retardant flooring market is an important measure, will also promote the development of China's fire-retardant floor to lay a solid and orderly foundation. November 21, at the China Forest Products Industry Association flooring professional committee press conference, [url= ]Comparison of vinyl fence and wooden fence[/url]  the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jusheng floor academician expert workstation chief expert Zhang Qisheng, China Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Research Ye Ke Lin, to long Sheng, nature, security and so on Five flooring companies presented a "commonly used solid wood identification manual - flooring",</p>
<p> as the five companies involved in the "common solid wood identification manual - floor" editorial work, and actively popularize wood knowledge, in the floor sales service process,<a href=''>composite wooden floor plank</a>  strict The implementation of solid wood flooring wood real name system, with the actual action tree industry righteousness of the wind praise. Chairman Zhang En Jiu took office to accept the gift. "Commonly used solid wood identification manual - floor articles" by Wang Man, Ye Kelin, Jiang Xiaomei, Lu Bin co-author, the book contains 104 species, wood plastic composite board manufacturers  it can be said that this is a solid wood flooring field "Mirror", this manual is conducive to Consumers improve the ability to identify wood, master the knowledge of wood types and naming, for the floor to regulate the use of wood tree species to provide the basis for the name.</p>

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