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Nature floor board quality

<p>Real wood floor has natural log grain and colour pattern, give a person the simple sense with natural, downy, rich affinity, the good stuff that the character with Xia Liang, Wood Plank Outdoor Tile because its winter is warm good at the same time tactile impression makes its become face of and other places of bedroom, sitting room, study to decorate. But the user of heating of the heat of the earth's interior that has used real wood floor board may discover, through summer of a winter, the floor appeared interstitial. </p>

<p>Practitioner says, Floor Hit solid candle, can solve interstitial problem.outside thickest floor for balconies  Interior of real wood floor often puts the moisture content with stay certain, below the circumstance that warms up in winter terrestrial heat, the floor dehydrates contractive, between the floor from seam can increase. Right now, hit solid candle to the floor, large lattice flower pots faber glass can reduce from seam distensible extent, because winter weather is dry, to prevent floor break too big, while owner is enjoying warmth, answer to increase indoor air humidity appropriately. </p>

<p>What need reminds is, if be used in the home, is the ground warms, in the initial stage of heating, must give floor an accommodative process, should carry slowly lukewarm. In the process that heats in the floor,retractable privacy fence suddenly cold heat up suddenly also can cause to the floor damage, had better not exceed 10 ℃ everyday. &rdquo; expert suggests. </p>

<p>Bamboo floor and real wood floor maintain not identical, need keeps indoor and ventilated dry environment, cut cannot bathe, also cannot clear with damp dishcloth or mop. </p>

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