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Division in the drafting of the Internationa

<p>12th International Organization for Standardization Timber Technical Committee Annual Meeting The During the meeting,[url= ]DIY Wood Plastic Composite Decking[/url]  Mr. Mykola Vedmid, Chairman of the International Organization for Standardization Timber Technical Committee, presented the honorary certificate to the Division and thanked us for the efforts and contributions made by the Division in the drafting of the International Standard for Solid Wood Flooring General Requirements. China is the world's wood flooring production,<a href="">The Best Choice for Outdoor Flooring</a> consumption and export power, presided over the development of international standards "solid wood flooring general requirements" reflects China's global solid wood flooring in the international standard of the right to speak, is to promote the wood flooring industry from the strong development of the important milestone ,</p>
<p> But also China's wood flooring business to go out another major move. With the central one of the new policy of benefiting farmers and the two sessions of the people's livelihood issues of great concern,<a href="">Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Decking</a> "building materials to the countryside" will undoubtedly become the most popular building materials industry this year, the key words. For this in line with national policy, benefit the livelihood of the plan, as the flooring industry leader in the long Sheng floor that is very supportive, and repeatedly expressed enthusiasm to participate. On the occasion of the arrival of "5.1", Jusheng floor in response to the national "building materials to the countryside,"[url= ]About Wood Plastic Flooring Tips[/url]  the call, by the manufacturers joined the national agents to invest 50 million first to start "buy long Sheng floor,</p>
<p> enjoy double subsidies" large-scale concessions, causing consumption The market reacted strongly. Building materials to the countryside for the floor business, is the opportunity to challenge. [url= ][/url] Following the booming home appliances to the countryside, the car to the countryside, the great potential of the rural market to be in-depth show, all the way to the flood of rural consumption greatly stimulated the development of the floor business confidence. The face of rare business opportunities,<a href="">Find The Best Vinyl Fence Online Dealers</a> the floor business can do the impact of three or four markets and supporting the preparation of aftermarket logistics, whether the actual demand for rural consumers to produce marketable products, are fully tested the strength of enterprises. Over the past eight years, Jusheng floor to excellent quality, </p>

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