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<p> the United States, Russia, Canada, Japan, France, Austria, Ukraine, Malaysia, Belarus, Portugal, Morocco, Belgium, Sweden and Poland. [url= ]Best Composite Flooring for Exterior Deck[/url] The Chinese delegation by the National Standardization Management Committee Agricultural Food Standard Department of Agriculture Department Director Tian Zhaoying, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration of Science and Technology Division, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of wood industry researcher Lu Jiaxiong, China Forest Products Industry Association Marketing Department Wu Shengfu , Long Sheng Flooring Co., Ltd. Dr. Sun Weisheng and other five people.<a href="">Green Composite Flooring Materials</a> Jusheng Flooring Co., Ltd. is the only one to send representatives to participate in this meeting of the wood flooring business.</p>
<p> At the meeting, the five standards working groups of the International Organization for Standardization timber technical committee terminology, logs,[url= ]Pergola Plans Building Garden Structures[/url]  sawn timber and processing materials, test methods and wood products were held at the annual meeting on ISO 24294: 2013 terms of logs and sawn timber, ISO / DIS 17959 solid wood flooring general requirements "and many other international standards of the draft stage of the exchange and discussion, the Chinese delegation participated in all five standard working group meeting.<a href="">Best Wood Plastic Fence for Pool</a> Among them, the Wood Products Working Group (WG6) convenor, China Forest Products Industry Association Marketing Director Wu Shengfu hosted the "Wood Products Working Group" meeting,</p>
<p> LvJianXiong researcher on behalf of China to report to China on behalf of the "solid wood flooring general requirements" The results of the International Standard CD-2 Voting and the processing of the views collected, <a href="">Environmentally Friendly Wood Plastic Wall Board</a>discussed with the experts on the handling of the views, and the Working Group decided that the criteria would enter the FDIS or DIS phase as appropriate. In addition, Dr. Sun Weisheng also participated in the annual meeting of the Working Group on Logs (WG2) on behalf of the Chinese delegation. Jusheng Flooring Co., Ltd. Since the 2010 "solid wood flooring general requirements" [url= ]High Quality Synthetic Teak Boat Decking[/url] international standard formal project began to participate in the drafting of the standard throughout the work, and has sent representatives to participate in the 9th, </p>

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