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floor has always put the "integrity"

<p> the company's overall strength has been among the forefront of the flooring industry for shareholders to create a good return for the dealer to bring a better profit for the supplier to provide a long-term cooperation of the excellent platform to become a model for the development of the industry.<a href="">hillside stair designs pressure treated lumber</a> Jusheng floor has always put the "integrity" as the core values ??of the enterprise, the shareholders, customers, employees and the community is responsible for the realization of its value as the highest mission of the enterprise. In 2010, Jusheng company adhere to the "conservation and open source both priority, throttle priority" ideas, in accordance with the "reuse, recycling" principle, [url= ]Buying Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats[/url] vigorously implement technological transformation, and actively promote and promote new technologies and new technologies,</p>
<p> scientific and technological innovation, Management innovation out of a "long Sheng Road". At the same time, in achieving good results at the same time,<a href=''>exterior wall panel images</a> the company focus on the overall situation, a comprehensive plan for the company's third business grand blueprint, to the integration, modernization, the Group took a solid pace; strengthen the floor, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring three major industries , The five bases in a comprehensive layout; in the long-sheng floor academician workstation and the provincial-level R D center of the joint efforts to complete a number of industrial technology research, cheapest place composite decking declare all kinds of patents 19, the provincial new products 3, Research, color development and other fields have made a historic breakthrough, as the future development of the internal driving force. </p>
<p>"Report" also pointed out that the long Sheng floor and suppliers together, break through market regulation, economic cold and other difficulties, mutual support, benefit and win-win situation, leak proof deck flooring options  to achieve the supply channel regularization, procurement strategy and benefit-sharing development plan; Vigorously promote the brand building, product style comprehensive upgrade, "American flavor" in the Pennsylvania red rubber, hickory, black walnut and other products by the national consumer sought after, as dealers in the new profit growth pole. In the interview with the social responsibility report released an interview with reporters stressed that we always put the integrity of the enterprise system as one of the core management<a href="">Long Life WPC Deck Flooring</a> and strive to achieve "harmonious symbiosis, frankly Guizhen Cheng ,</p>

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