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countrywide lumber entrance

Jiangsu is big province of countrywide lumber entrance, hold countrywide lumber to import the 1/4 above of gross. Current, complete province shares company of feet of 13 lumber check, personnel of technology of feet of more than 1000 check imports lumber port to provide a service for complete province. Too storehouse harbor is harbor of the throughout the country's biggest marine lumber entrance.

Come 5 years, too storehouse port accumulative total examines entrance lumber 28 million stere, check gives volume lack 1 million stere, quality nots agree with 300 thousand stere, issue of all kinds certification more than 3000, external accumulative total of amount of claim for compensation amounts to 150 million dollar.

Safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of domestic consignee already, win international speech right to import lumber to superintend again, too storehouse port whole external amount of claim for compensation drops from the 33.8 million dollar 2014 the 15.2 million dollar 2015. According to introducing, after check feet branch holds water, will nonsked release information of trends of market level of domestic and international lumber, supply and demand, price to walk along situation, risk to be on guard to wait for information with early-warning; Union examines appraisal result, recommend the supplier with good reputation, build actively external negotiation of claim for compensation and dimension authority platform. "corrosion-resistant exterior wooden panels,fast concrete patio coverup,voided vs solid deck boards,replacement bench slats with wpc panel"

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