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wood flooring technology innovation

<p> at the German Hannover International Exhibition to "soft surface" technology and "original ecology" style dual-core drive, won from the United States, Canada, Germany,<a href="">8 inch vinyl siding</a>  Denmark, Australia, etc. International professional purchasing groups around the world have great interest and high praise. Jusheng independent innovation and won the "China wood flooring technology innovation first prize" and "soft surface" technology,swimming pool surround decking  a comprehensive and effective solution to the solid wood floor surface wear, scratch resistance, paint lasting beautiful technical problems, not only to Europe National standards, but also in the world leading level, the real realization of the Chinese flooring industry from "Made in China" to "China to create" the history of leap. In 2006,</p>
<p> Jusheng company invested tens of millions of dollars to build the "original ecology" series of solid wood flooring, flooring brand in China is a breakthrough in style innovation,<a href="">interior log siding</a>  but also the first time in China's international flooring brand and world-renowned Brand on the same stage of technology, and has been a wide range of attention and praise, as China's flooring brand in the international market, from the "price competition" to "value competition" milestone. October 31, 2010, Jiusheng floor of the new industrial park was held inauguration ceremony. wpc shuttering board distributor in united state Representatives from all levels of government departments, representatives of trade associations, floor counterparts, long Sheng floor leadership, staff representatives and media friends,</p>
<p> about 230 people attended the ceremony to witness this exciting moment. Jiusheng new industrial park is completed, is a long sheng floor based on international vision,<a href="">Plastic Wood Decking</a>  to build an important milestone in the size of the cluster, opened the Nanxun floor industry and the whole of China's flooring sector to achieve a new chapter in the transformation and upgrading. "In 2010,[url= ]Wall Panels Decorative[/url]  Jusheng company development and breakthrough of the year, but also sowing and harvesting a year in the industrial layout, brand building, channel expansion, scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological innovation, Standardized management, the introduction of talent and other aspects of fruitful. "Jiusheng new industrial park successfully completed,</p>

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