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construction and installation

completed a design in June 2014, construction and installation phase are entered later. Build through earth of nearly two years construction, equipment is installed and debug, go out formally on August 30 this year board. This purpose goes out smoothly board, indicating our country is successive smooth press particieboard whole set to equiped to there is position on the international market, press product line of equipment of particieboard whole set to raising our country to be made the same score continuously in the world competition ability has important demonstrative sense.

On September 12, actor actors or actress wooden industry releases announcement to say, its accuse share company Shanghai to collect buy appropriate to was met via collecting the partner that buy appropriate on August 6, 2016 resolution registers capital be added by 500 thousand yuan endowment go to 1.5 million yuan, the company abandons advantageous position of first offer to buy.

Announcement shows, a surname of Sun Shuzhong, Zheng Shihua, Sun Jia, Lv Yao, Hou Xiyang parts with cash contributive subscribe is collected those who buy appropriate is new add register capital 1 million yuan, become collect the new partner that buys appropriate. Bencizeng endowment after finishing, company hold is collected buy appropriate the equity of 30% , the company loses the control right that buys appropriate to collecting, collect because this change is company share company,buy appropriate, the company brings into his limits of amalgamative forms for reporting statistics no longer.  "wood and plastic flooring Supplier,excellent plastic pallets,composite deck putty,mdf sheets in ahmedabad"

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