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year fall can amount to 4 million stere, annual produce 2 billion yuan. This project lists class of Wuhan of the Europe in using the advantage, drive Russia forest natural resources to be transferred to Hubei and mid area, drive the industrial chain progress such as Hubei lumber commerce, content shedding, treatment.

Industry of blessing Chinese timber (group) Luo Kan of company general manager expresses, regard bibcock of key of Hubei forestry industrialization as the enterprise, have the aid of this second congress, atelier of design of MarchettiRossi of association of trade of timber of company and Italian SCM group, Sweden, Italy reach strategic cooperation agreement, in Hubei research and development of executive lumber engineering, new-style town changes construction, green to build the project such as the design, drive Hubei forestry estate to do do greatly strong.

Mozambique will begin to prohibit in the round from next year log exit, encourage natural resources of forest of this locality of treatment of this locality lumber, protection. Xavier Sakambuera of head of department of Mozambique country forestry expresses, the government already had drafted the bill of a relevant theme, "armstrong country classic plank homestyle fence tile,interlocking dock deck tiles,children hard plastic swimming pools,painting interior deckings white Korea"

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