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time to market for the third quarter

forum last Saturday revealed that Anxin Weiguang IPO has been in the countdown. "In October 2006, the board of directors decided to book the company listed; last month, the board of directors decided to determine the time to market for the third quarter of 2007 or the fourth quarter, this month to determine the final listing of the United States or Hong Kong,
The possibility of the US market is relatively large. "Chen Hong publicly disclosed the listing schedule. The introduction of Carlyle for the development of Anxin Weiguang to bring sustained power. Chen said: "VC into the future, the use of funds mainly concentrated in two directions: First, the reserves of raw materials;
Second, the expansion of production capacity." Chen Hong eyes expansion plan has a strong market demand. In 2005 China's wood flooring market supply from 130 million square meters in 2004 rose to 230 million square meters, and Anxin Weiguang in 2005 solid wood flooring sales revenue reached 700 million yuan. In view of the shortage of global timber supply,
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