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light color floor

as long as pay attention to several about lacquer face in front of me outdoor portable decking , notches, specifications and so on several basic no big problem to buy, but be careful buy light color floor, there are many varieties of materials in the light color floor instability, such as law, milk discount pvc fence , BaFuYun incense (ivory wood) are prone to problem of material,
iron material of camphorwood, nutmeg oil, also very suspicious, ask help, these are complaints more wood, there are still some manufacturers in order to reduce competition, the pursuit of profit pallet wood picket fence , developed many unsuitable do wood floor, such as many African material up a nice name,
such as African black walnut, African teak, (all with high quality wood species affiliated) originally the timber price low, poor quality (bug more African wood, wood rough) but he used to sell high price Price of composite timbers , and you have no comparison, recommend to these remote trees treated with caution.

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