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give priority to a problem

achievement world is honorable " give priority to a problem, outstanding industry dominant position, former innovation is tasted, skill contest, actual strength is bought the home, compact do exhibit wait for 5 big characteristic and window, make a trade grand meeting that to Chinese annatto art carve has far-reaching effect.

Come for years, celestial being is made is He Qingyu expresses the vane with Chinese annatto main market all the time, and realized the luxuriant face about of trend world, art carve handicraft exports the annatto that has more than 10% abroad, reveal China to make to the world craft and " celestial being is made " the culture that be not involuntary discharge of urine.

This year in April, celestial being swims passed " world Chinese style is classic of furniture " judge eventually, meeting general holds art gain " world Chinese style is classic of furniture " the ceremony that give a shop sign. Cong Mou is planted tell on degree, celestial being makes since celestial being swim, also be China, be the world more.  "diy deck l shaped couch,molded wood composite panels for walls,best material to Decorative Garden Fencing,picture plank swimming pool"

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