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Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, as a result of a large number of development and fell trees, hand in foot yellow wingceltis to had been in endangered condition, trade the risk also is being increased ceaselessly, import volume decreases greatly, already eradicated close to commerciality in international trade at present.

Inside alive bound limits, china is the market of the biggest spending of annatto product. Data points out, 90% what the demand of Chinese market took global demand. Wu Xin of president of strong flying annatto builds express: "Of annatto lumber trade accept restriction, will shuffle greatly to industry generation.

Material rises in price, what bring to furniture production manufacturer above all is cost promotes considerably, buy material without money, can buy without material even. At present domestic stuff still has certain reserve, but I estimate this year at the beginning of the end of the year or next year, major small manufacturer should face the industry such difficulty, prop up no less than going to that can close down only. The enterprise that at present I know is busying store up material, the material after answering commerce to restrict rises in price. The material after answering commerce to restrict rises in price. "outdoor wood paneling details,4x8 solid plastic deck panel,laying rubber tiles over grass"

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