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arms of the person

" economy of the Yangtse River is taken " arms of the person at the head of a procession, this have the aid of and in boat international cooperates, complementary, win-win expands dominant position of implementation of both sides general, dig my province to grab jointly catch " one belt all the way " , " economy of the Yangtse River is taken " wait for strategic good luck, implementation collaboration both sides spans type develops. Implementation collaboration both sides spans type develops..

" southern Asia business signs up for " reported on September 21, the lumber of Malaysia and total of lumber product export amounted to 5.59 billion dollar 2015 (money of 22.36 billion horse) , 1.36% what take global lumber trade. Although global economy puts delay, the lumber of Malaysia and forehead of lumber product exit grow 4.4% compared to the same period first half of the year this year.

The horse is cultivated employment expresses as by force as sleeve of horse of primary product minister, lumber is the primary product with global the mainest economy, malaysia is the whole world the 9th big lumber and country of lumber product exit. Grow in view of lumber demand, bring about global lumber vicissitude of the market to quicken,  "most popular exterior wood stain color in a solid,Not swell vinyl railing for public,wood paneling disadvantages

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