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the floor cleaning

Then use add detergent drag with warm water mildew proof composite decks plan . Mop shoulds not be too wet, and then clean with clear water again. Use brightener and clean, but not much, because if the light is too thick, the floor back to become greasy and slippery. Generally speaking, the cost comparison veranda fence scape cleaning once a month is enough.
If the shop is in the home of real wood floor, must want the ground to keep if brightness is new, comfortable and beautiful, more want to prolong the service life of the floor. But due to the different floor manufacturing process is not the same, there is a natural oil paint of wpc fences panels supplier usa and real wood floor wax, so as to determine the maintenance method is not exactly the same, contaminative degree also determines the different curing methods.
Clean report whether natural lacquer wax or oil of real wood floor and real wood floor in the daily clean, can use a vacuum cleaner to clean up first cost wood plastic composite lumber , then dip in with soft cloth on special detergent or soap flakes diluent to clean. For the cleaning of large area, can use spray or rotating cleaning machine.

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