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Easter Island (Easter 2016)-the tips of RS

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This event will try to be similar to older events where the player must do a quest to acquire the holiday items. After the Easter Search a Invasion of Falador event style activity are going to be available for the players to complete for the fun of it, that way grinding isn’t something that needs to be done for the returns, (a common complaint at a few recent Holiday activities).Login this game and buy Runescape  Gold,just play it.

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The Quest: So you take a ferry to Easter Isle, a colorful island containing appeared from nowhere. There you will get the Easter Bunny who will certainly greet you, (*possible edition in case Jagex is up for it: wearing any old holiday gear will trigger several additional dialog). As you are catching up, or getting to understand, the Easter Bunny an Easter Chick will set you back the Easter Bunny and make clear the Chocolate Kebbits have got escaped, again, a horde of Little one Chocatrice have escaped to the Baby Jadinko nursery, and worst of all of the Easter Bird has escaped and is flying around the Island tormenting the other Easter Chicks! Worried the Easter Bunny ask you to help him fix points as he tries to figure out who’s responsible for this particular.

Chocolate Kebbits: The Kebbits can be found caught a small cave having cages and hammers. The player can decide to catch them or beat them into bits, either way you collect the remains and pour them down a community shoot. Once all the Kebbits are captured or crushed you may confront a tall, but wobbly and inadequately disguised, shadowy figure. You’ll then have a rapid chat with “it” prior to it quickly escapes (if you’ve done the Easter Affair from 2012 additional dialogue is going to be provided such as “I seem like we’ve met before... ”).

The Baby Chocatrice V. S. The Baby Jadinkos: After finishing the Kebbits you’ll run around the Chocolate filled Volcano. Here you’ll find the Baby Chocatrice are chasing the infant Jadinkos, being babies the Chocatrice can’t do excessive damage but they may still turn small animals into chocolate statues. You’ll notice that this Chocolate Kebbit pieces are now in a nearby clip or barrel. An Easter Chick, wearing sunglasses, will come up to your account and tell you the specific situation. She’ll also tell that you simply potion recipe to turn the little one Jadinkos back into their own normal selves. You now have a couple choices; you can capture the infant Chocatrice and return these to their pen or you can talk to the Little one Jadinkos (using Summoning) and convince these phones eat the Baby Chocatrice. Either way you must utilize the potion to turn any Baby Jadinko victims back in their normal selves. When you finish you’ll once again be confronted by the actual poorly disguised figure yet again having another chat ahead of escaping.


Easter Bird: Now finally run to the beach to find the Easter Bird is tormenting the actual Easter Chicks. Talk to the Easter Bird to uncover that the chicks skipped on feeding him and at this point he’s desperate. Agree to find him a different and he’ll stop chasing the chicks. You now have a pair of choices; you can fish from the nearby ocean for Gielinorian Species of fish (Parody of Swedish Fish) or you'll be able to poke around in the sand for Gummy Wyrms (Any candy version of Strykewyrms). Once you collect/kill 15 with the chosen resource give the crooks to the Easter Bird along with he’ll agree to get back to work.(more about Runescape Gold)

Finishing Things Up: As you finish the final part a cutscene will play and since you are walking back to your Easter Bunny you’ll bump to the figure revealing it’s in truth the Evil Chicken and the Chocatrice. They’ll be in jolt, now that you have witnessed through their “amazing” disguise (it’s merely a black bed sheet along with the Evil Chicken was chatting a poorly done artificial accent). After getting up they’ll quickly complete a run for their, not so secret, base under the docks where the ferry unloads the participant at. From here the player finally grows to the Easter Bunny and tells him with what has happened and everything is actually fixed.



After complete the event,
Bunny Outfit (Excluding the Ears)
Access to an after event exactly like the Invasion of Falador
Finally a Easter Chick pet named (Candies? Not official).

After Event: After Talking to your Evil Chicken and Chocatrice within the dock you’ll discover they've plans to destroy Easter Island and end the Holiday for good! You can choose to help you them or team up with the Easter Bunny and cease their madness. There will be Chocatrice Workers established in the jungle cutting down Cocoa trees, Evil Chicks that is going to be polluting the waters, and the Evil Chicken and Chocatrice could have huge catapults loaded having eggs to launch with the Easter Bunny’s beach shack.

Rewards: The After event is usually purely for XP and it is meant for player to come together and just appreciate themselves, it is a Island Paradise in the end.

Chocatrice Workers and your Cocoa Trees: You can choose to achieve Woodcutting XP from aiding the Chocatrice Workers or you will get Slayer XP from eliminating the workers.

Evil Chicks and this Beach: You can help this chicks pollute the oceans and gain some Herblore XP or fight over Evil Chicks for beat XP.

Catapults and the Shack: You can help your Evil Chicken and Chocatrice by means of collecting the giant eggs on the Easter Bird for Thieving XP or you'll be able to scrape off the eggs through the shack for some Preparing XP.

Focusing the,gain more rs gold and complete this event!


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