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province environmental protection

Recently, hall of Heibei province environmental protection allots " the announcement that saves volatile organic matter to pollute detailed list of processing key company about Heibei of Weather Proof Deck Products print and distribute " , 131 volatile organic matter of Langfang city (VOCs) discharge an enterprise to include a province to govern a business mainly, the requirement finishs repair job before December 31, 2016, achieve Heibei to save ground mark " volatile organic matter arranges industrial business control standard " (DB13/2322-2016) requirement.

131 industries of Langfang city include cost of free standing deck a province key company detailed account, the superintend and director that means these enterprises to amount to mark to administer the job to will accept office of province environmental protection at any time guides examination, since October 2016, hall of province environmental protection will establish VOCs to administer the job special superintend amish composite patio furniture suppliers and director guides inspection team, special superintend and director is begun to guide in complete province examination activity,

slow to administering plan, half-baked before January 1, 2017 processing is transformed, cannot stabilize the VOCs that amounts to mark to discharge to pollute a business, Plastic Composite Outdoor Furniture make known to lower levels is instructed correct illegal decision book, instruct stop to discharge contaminant.

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