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qualified wood floor

after the down about 20 square meters of types of deck coatings of wood of didn't see the ground pipeline leaks, just in the middle of the wooden keel and sitting room near the toilet on the wooden keel, and there are water droplets under the dampproof mat, other place is dry Pvc fencing supplier in philippines .  Then they put forward three solutions: 1, ask store to replace damaged parts with the same color of the floor; 2, replace all qualified wood floor; 3, according to the present price all return.
But" macaw "wooden floor, the head of the wang mou has been on the grounds that the board is not quality problem, does not agree with the proposed conditions, so until now no one solution upm profi deck board prices . Macaws stores: wood floor deformation and responsibility are not in our boutique in macaw, reporters saw the director wang mou, but he has the matter to have another idea.
He told the reporters:" this improper use wood floor deformation is due to the owner to ms shen vinyl rooftop railing , toilet leakage caused by the deformation of wooden floor, even within the warranty period, but the whole event we are no responsibility, so the owner of all replacement is impossible.

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