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cast a company to hold

At the same time forest cast a company to hold to " go " the strategy, card forest land is picked successfully in New Zealand, the plan buys forest land newly inside 5 years 60  2 3 ft high outdoor plastic fence thousand hectare. Through having forest land resource oneself, long-term bag boat is carried, carry on downstream with trade pattern garden of industry of lumber of Dong Jia mouth machines a sale, good matting and fractionize are done in terminal market.

  Qingdao forestry investment develops limited company to use setting of industry of the forestry with unique oneself, timber and dominant position, assume social responsibility,  Outdoor Flooring Products integrated each resource, make garden of industry of mode of catenary of complete lumber industry. To raise local revenue, drive local economy, solve problem of circumjacent obtain employment, improve place and force of living environment contribution.
  Use multilayer advantage, layer upon  Price Of Plastic Timber Decking In Hong Kong layer aid push, introduce fluctuation to swim catenary of industry of industry of enterprise implementation timber closes reach industrial catenary to upgrade, make the sources of energy of domestic particular live thing project of energy-saving green environmental protection, promote whole of Qingdao lumber industry competition ability, reach the win-win of  Plastic Composite Boards dweller, enterprise, government. Right government, right society, right enterprise, responsible to employee!

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