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The future direction of timber development aimed

According to the "China wood-plastic composite materials market survey report" shows that from the current situation development, wood-plastic composite materials has become the main direction of the future development of timber.
Wood-plastic composite materials as a material to the new material, after years of independent development, it is gradually developed into a new industry. Especially in energy-saving emission reduction, the intensity has been increasing. In China's circular economy development momentum of the "second five" period, with raw materials, product plasticization, environmental protection and other advantages of the advantages of wood-plastic composite materials industry, can be described as conform to the trend of sustainable development, more and more The more prominent development potential.
Building materials industry analysts believe that the annual growth rate. Despite the global economic crisis, but the prospects for wood-plastic composite is still good. Why is the soak of wood-plastic materials, in fact, modern life in the natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastics abound. Rice, wheat, kenaf, hemp and many other crops can be used as a natural filler, used in different industries. To create a new world of wood industry, the plastic into it. While the medium density fiberboard has become a new direction for the wood market. Wood is the wood and more than 50% of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride mixed into a new wood material, through the twin-screw extruder plastic thermoplastic resin-based fibers evenly distributed in the material.
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