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take a brand named after their own

From the previous mention of home improvement company to think of "mason + drawing designer", to today's "art exhibition hall + title well-known film", East Yi Sheng is gradually changing the consumer's home furnishing company's traditional view The Chen Hui for the East Yi Sheng, for the home improvement industry,
can be described as credit. Lu Weiguang: a card of the hi to tens of millions of dollars, but also to their own name to create a new brand, Lu Weiguang naturally overjoyed. In 2006, Anrong floor boss Lu Weiguang to its new series of floors to take a brand named after their own - Wei Guang floor, the new brand "Weiguang" such as airborne soldiers generally appear in the supermarkets,
Shun has fresh blood, Lu Weiguang The head also with the floor into the tens of thousands of households. This is just one of the results of the world's largest private equity fund Carlyle Group's $ 27.5 million stake. In October 2006, Lu Weiguang was nominated as "2006CCTV China Economic Person of the Year" candidate, presumably with his card is not unrelated.
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