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As IF cards don't seem to be solely TOTW cards

FIFA seventeen Winter Upgrades - IF cards upgraded guide

Note: as IF buy fut 17 coins cards don't seem to be solely TOTW cards, however conjointly hero and alternative special cards.

Different Quality tier(eg. gold card to silver card): If a player changes his rank throughout the winter upgrade (eg from silver to gold) and therefore the previous IF cards were silver, it remains unchanged. however the previous gold IF cards get upgraded according the new gold normal card(higher rating than the new regular card).  

Here we tend to take Riyad Mahrez's upgraded in FIFA sixteen as example for this:

His recent regular card was seventy three rated silver card, improved to seventy six gold card in winter upgrade. once winter upgrades, his previous seventy four rated initial TOTW IF remains same, however his seventy seven rated second TOTW fifa 17 android coins receives three points upgraded to eighty, and third IF card reach eighty two from eighty. BY here now... come here for more fun and more fifa 17 coins!

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