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floor with the "green"

In fact pontoon pvc wood grain floor images , the so-called "green core" plate part but is the enterprise in the middle of the floor with the "green", what is not "green" products. Experts point out that countries have many hard Numbers on "green" wooden floor, such as formaldehyde content and so on, have special green product certification body at the same time board on board technique composite fencing , can be called only by authoritative professional organizations certified products "green".
"Green core" is just appearance, is not equal to the green environmental protection, more is not equal to don't contain free formaldehyde best pool deck material on wood for swimming , when consumer is bought should recognize products through environmental certification mark. Second, don't use "anaglyph face".
For hot pushing on the market at present "anaglyph face" aggrandizement floor, experts agree do not agree, points out that the use of perspective, from the consumer should vigorously promote the crystal face 2 ft plastic fencing cheap sale . Experts also pointed out that the wear-resisting of aggrandizement wood floor is the key to use indicators,

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