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floor is qualified

The moisture content of pvc railing system 84 lumber is qualified should be greater than or equal to 7%, the average moisture content less than or equal to parts of the world. In the Shanghai area average moisture content of 15.6%. 1, flooring nails, head of nail to have cross slot, * * drill screw can be used composite wood grain deck . Decorate a company to give I use the floor of the nail,
there is no cross slot, only + hair clasp with a hammer to hit, the result is easy to put the floor above, then pry it also very difficult. 2 don't save, floor of wood keel park bench wood replacement slats , want to buy a good. 3, keel when depends on the practice of line pipe place,
must be the bridge type (also is half a bottle of water, I borrow bile swinging. In my understanding is the face that keel down to dig a notch, the notch is to can let the line pipe in the past composite decks sale hungary . As for the name is called "the bridge", I also can't remember).

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