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series of high-quality new products

the establishment of trademark help mechanism and enterprise contact system, in-depth business guidance to declare provincial and municipal famous trademarks and China ****, but also to the establishment of specialized trademark management agencies, the establishment of trademark files, improve the use of trademark rules and regulations,
the region has so far 23 well-known trademarks, the city famous brand 82, "long standing" **title. A brand of the main business is the enterprise, the district enterprises are in action, showing a strong brand enthusiasm for the brand. Round of wood to 3.6 million yuan to buy a high price of "radius" of the trademark; Shiyou Wood adhere to scientific and technological innovation,
successfully developed 188 �� stable Wang solid wood flooring and a series of high-quality new products; the region currently has more than 30 wood Enterprises at huge amounts of money, is vigorously enter the CCTV, Shanghai TV, Zhejiang TV and other media, is committed to start Nanxun wood flooring brand. Huzhou new Yali Clothing Co., Ltd.
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