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Flooring industry production enterprises

<p>A theme of "where to win,<a href="">wpc decking for garden competitive price orginal design board</a> wisdom spark bloom" flooring industry development forum held in Nanjing. Jiangsu Province Timber Industry Association Secretary-General Wu Bian said: "Flooring industry production enterprises are facing raw material prices, rising wages and other issues, this is the same as the terminal business.plastic wood products for thailand Just increase the price of a rent factor.Therefore, for the most profitable To the ultimate goal of the enterprise, the price is the inevitable way to digest the pressure. </p>
<p>"Price adjustment, the order may continue to decline; not transferred, profit affected.wood look composite fence Yesterday, the reporter learned from some of the solid wood flooring production enterprises, due to rising production costs, manufacturers have raised the ex-factory price of the floor, which led directly to the rising price of raw materials,<a href="">ceiling cladding supplier in usa in london</a> Orders down.Li Weijun introduced an average of one square meter of solid wood floor raised by about 2%, the retail price per square meter at least raised 5 yuan</p>
<p>. "Before 100 yuan a square meter of solid wood flooring, now almost can not find. In the past few years, the governments of these areas have restricted the export of timber, tongue and groove deck wood typeand the export volume of timber has been declining, leading to the continuous improvement of prices. "As the dragon and the dragon, the timber is mainly from Southeast Asia and Africa, but in recent years, Tan last year rose by 15 yuan per square meter, and now the price of 330 yuan / square meters. "Yao Houquan said, a ton of solid wood raw materials, only the freight has risen to about 290.<a href=''>where do you buy plastic composite lumber suppliers</a> With last year since the labor costs and manufacturers sales facade rents rise, so companies have to raise the price." Solid wood flooring business is now more and more difficult Done. </p>

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