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qualified rate of solid wood flooring

the Municipal Quality and Quality Inspection Institute to carry out the quality monitoring of the man-made board and found that the number of brands of formaldehyde emission unqualified.This sampling covers the city's six districts, involving a total of 43 distribution units. The qualified rate of the solid wood flooring was 55.6%,
and the qualified rate of solid wood flooring and veneer veneer was 100%. The qualified rate of wood flooring was 56.6% , The lowest qualified rate of medium density fiberboard, only 42.9% .This spot checks found that Longgang District Pinghu open source decorative materials store sales, East into Wood Co., Ltd. production of East into the wood plywood,
Shenzhen City Star source Chang Electrical and Mechanical Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. Baoan building materials branch sales, Guangfeng plywood factory production of the United States licensing plywood, Bao'an District Xin'an Asahi source of wood sales, Guangzhou City Hengtai Wood Co., Ltd. production of wooden plywood (Hengtai 4 (Yangmu),
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