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identity of cosmopolitan money

The RMB comes on stage with the identity of cosmopolitan money, what will become lumber company of China is powerful prop up. Join SDR to be able to strengthen an international wood like plastic crate market the confidence to the RMB, enlarge a RMB to use, reduce Chinese lumber company to undertake the foreign trade, exchange rate venture that crosses situation investment to be faced with. Come true ceaselessly in company of Chinese lumber, furniture " go " while, in also rising ceaselessly, the country is in the speech authority of system of international money banking and consequence.

2016 the 2nd quarter, finnish sawn timber is right the export volume of the area achieves 1.543 million stere beyond Europe, grow 14% compared to the same period, 64% what take Fake Wood Decking Pricing whole exit amount. According to bureau of European Union statistic (Eurostat) data, finnish material increases to Chinese exit 76% , rise to the exit of Japanese market 16% , go up to Moroccan goods volume 19% .

The growth range of afore-mentioned 3 big markets all prep above average. The corresponding period, buy the Egypt of a market to the tradition, the export of Finnish material increases only 7% , greatly under average. To the exit of European market the quantity is eight hundred and seventy-seven thousand six interlocking timber decking tiles gold coast hundred stere, than 2015 the corresponding period rises 11% , 36% what take exit amount. The 2nd quarter, sawn timber of Finnish whole world exports gross to be 2.421 million stere.

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