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the solid wood flooring will occupy

Of the category inside, in fact, there are a lot of high-end products, solid wood may be the majority of products in the competition so intense process, how can we stand out, to occupy more markets? Because in the past we see more in the market is the solid wood flooring will occupy a lot of high-end consumption ratio, I understand that we need to work together to make this parquet flooring bigger,
you are not the same? Zhang Hongwu: We are also very much hope to have peers or that our building materials industry within the peer-wide cooperation! And we are doing the domestic market at the same time, we also at the same time the development of overseas markets, because we are China's most high-end, and Hengyi is a manufacturing,
marketing as one of a comprehensive enterprise, we also value overseas markets, We are not only positioning the eyes in the domestic market, overseas markets have a lot of Chinese people do not have the advantages of manufacturing. Can really speak of the wood flooring industry sooner or later will be the Chinese industry,
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