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How should hardwood floor maintain?

After floor installation is finishing, maintain a succeeding activity that the floor often installs a floor board, and this job wants uninterrupted all the time abidance. Wall Cladding Wpc South Kerala floor and general Wooden floor Different, although do not need to wax, but also need to undertake maintaining, below small make up introduce floor to maintain for everybody method.

1, the floor should maintain Gan Shuang and cleanness at ordinary times, Transcend Porch Post Price avoid a floor local and many soggy. Prevent sun point-blank, can make the floor shifts to an earlier date weather-shack with ageing, maintain indoor and normal temperature, the attention is indoor and ventilated.

2, the oily be soiled on seasonable cleared floor and besmirch, can use housekeeping money downy and neuter cleaner adds Wen Shui to wipe, had better use the cleanness of special floor board with floor form a complete set to protect fluid to clean. composite wood fence panels phoenix Be sure to keep in mind not to use the caustic liquid such as buck or suds to contact floor surface layer, also do not wipe a floor with the tinderbox such as benzine.

3, the base material of floor uses high density beaverboard normally, this kind of material has character " wet bilge drying shrinkage " physics is characteristic, floor cannot bibulous, indoor temperature should work wet proper.wpc singapore decking  The attention is a floor moistureproof, summertime air humidity is big, it is the key season with moistureproof floor, winter heating, should take strict precautions against heating room system slack.

4, avoid appearance of floor of cut of and so on of shears, penknife at ordinary times, maintain floor cleanness, avoid the loss of a few grit and small block to the floor. Clear at any time toilet and the seeper at the door the kitchen, the object that avoids to contain glue sex drops to go up in the floor, for instance chewing gum, bad to clear.

Above is small the skill that writes those who be everybody introduction to maintain about wood floor, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody.

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