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installation of the floor

in case of improper installation install railings to an existing deck video , the probability of the deformation is very large.The installation of the floor there is no "acceptance criteria" But when consumers buy, only to see the certificate of competency with regard to the quality of the products How to waterproof under a wood deck .But for the installation of the brand whether the service is eligible,
whether the sales of accessories but the terminal has no way to distinguish a comparison.So the Saint group called for the introduction of mandatory installation of the industry management department as soon as possible the acceptance criteria " 2x6x8 trex decking , On the "Install Certificate" issued by enterprises and units to develop testing standard of "accessories",
the strict qualifications identified on the installation prebuilt trex deck railing .But the white paper on "China's consumption of aggrandizement floor, can be summarized as" the three principles, the accuracy of the eight ".

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