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plywood and other wood-based panels

toxic and hazardous substances such as benzene, and other volatile organic compounds. The main reason for the failure of the test is the solid content, toluene xylene, heavy metal soluble lead failure, which Weifang Huanyu Paint Co., Ltd. produced Yucheng card in the alkyd alkyd paint lead content exceeded 23 times.
Plywood qualified rate of only 35% of the spot checks, 20 batches of plywood, fine wood (Daxin board) in only seven batches qualified, with a pass rate of 35%. The main reason for failure is the excessive release of harmful substances formaldehyde and gluing strength, transverse bending strength is not enough. Industrial and commercial personnel,
blockboard, plywood and other wood-based panels is the decoration of the main material, adhesive strength is not qualified, the use of surface veneer and substrate easy to disengage, affecting product durability. Check the seven brands of plywood, fine wood formaldehyde emission measured value> 15mg / L, higher than the standard more than 3 times,
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